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Stellar (XLM) is a Level- 1 blockchain with a laser focus on financial inclusion. Create, send, and trade digital representations of all forms of money in the blink of an eye.


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Vibrant is a decentralized non-custodial wallet built on the Stellar blockchain focused on equitable access to stable currencies and cross-boarder money transfers.

Vibrant currently operates in 16 countries and support the unlimited holding and sending of USDC, XLM, and ARST across the globe.

The challenge

Building a B2C solution that proves the real world value of the Stellar network.

The solution

While the challenge is ongoing, I’ve worked on building a human-centered mobile app that demystifies the complexity of cryptocurrencies and allows users to seamlessly trade in and out crypto using just the cash in their pockets.

The journey

The early days of Vibrant included a lot of discovery and and visual explorations. Spending nearly 2 years in R&D as conceptualized Vibrant. We looked at a handful of ways to approach solving this problem and iterated through dozens of design explorations.

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The destination (for now)

Vibrant currently focuses on two core use cases. Inflation protection and international wage payments in Argentina and a global P2P remittance platform that can currently send to any wallet in the world or to one of our supported 16 countries for direct cash-out with our partner, MoneyGram.

Vibrant focuses on 3 core users


Because Vibrant is built on the Stellar blockchain, we’re able to offer lightning fast cross-boarder transactions so migrants are able to send money back home for zero fees.

Inflation protectors

We’ve put a large amount of our focus on Argentina, which has one of the highest and most volatile inflation rates. By allowing users to access unlimited USDC, they are able to protect themselves from devaluation and save for a brighter future.

Crypto users

While our aim has been on applying blockchain technology to more novice users, we cater to individuals who want to quickly and easily transfer XLM and USDC via any supporting exchange for zero fees and instant wait times.

Product <> Brand

Representing the product in the public space is a huge part of leading design for Vibrant. It’s important to us that the brand feel modern, approachable, and eye catching. We walk the line of balancing a clear and easy to use app with a brand presence worthy of turning heads.

Web Design + Development

In addition to owning product and brand design, I’m also responsible for our web design and development efforts. By harnessing the power of Webflow, I’m able to quickly turn out new landing pages for a/b testing, campaigns, announcements, relevant information, and everything in between.

Vibrant <> UNHCR

Stellar Development Foundation and Vibrant were chosen by the UNHCR to lead their digital relief aid fund to refugees in Ukraine by allowing them to cash out deposits at local MoneyGram locations and banks. We modified our existing app to support the unique needs and legislative restrictions for these individuals and have dispersed over 1M USDC in aid to Ukraine .


When I originally joined Stellar at the beginning of 2019 it was unrecognizable to the Stellar we know today. As the first full-time design hire, my early focus was on building a new brand that represented our global mission and maturity as a blockchain.

The challenge

Creating a scalable design system that could be easily applied to all web and marketing efforts and recognizable as the Stellar brand.

The solution

We brought on a sr visual designer and worked directly with her and our Chief Product Officer to create a universal pattern + web design system that could be applied to all of our products and ongoing efforts.

The result